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Mother of Myth Android Apk (Action RPG Online) Free Game

Mother of Myth apk

Mother of Myth Android Apk (Action RPG Online) Full Version Free Game

Game Features:

Control over the power of the gods with god cards
• Collect cards and harness the power of the god of the gods !
• The use of cards of God in the battle to eliminate your opponents !
• Processing countless cards god different allocation pattern for your playing !

Swipe awesome battle interface
• Crush the spawn of the gods and the Titans using an intuitive battle system criticized amazing !
• Master criticism battle and unleash your true potential !
• Fittings god cards and make your attack more huge!

Character fully customizable
• Create personalized are fully customizable !
• Create a custom look awesome for your character !

Immerse yourself in epic battles towers
• Collect items and make your character stronger , and get kills more satisfying !
• Explore the 40 + dungeons to find treasures amazing !

Presidents legendary fight that even the gods fear
• The use of force to fight epic bosses from Greek mythology and Romania !
• Collect items and legendary skills necessary to make your character even stronger!
• Competition in the power of the gods!

Or in legend , begin your journey in paradise , a place known only for the souls of heroes and those chosen by the gods , who died . After you create your character will be put in the middle of an epic war between the gods and the Titans . While trying to survive in a state of chaos , you will have not only to save your friends , but also the world . As you open each cell , you will gain treasure and make your character stronger. Will face combat in real time and learn how to use the power of the gods with the controls and criticized the unique combinations!


Mother of Myth apk game

Mother of Myth Android Apk

download Mother of Myth full apk

Requirements: Android 4.0 Or Higher

Download Mother of Myth Android Apk (Action RPG Online) Full Game

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