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Shoot Down Helicopter v1.0 Android Apk Game Free Download

Shoot Down Helicopter apk

Shoot Down Helicopter v1.0 Apk Full Free Android Game

Androidmaal - Was developed helicopter was shot down by the application of Vinicorp. 
The classic game is a new, free use of open source "Andengine" version with GLES2.
To save the Earth from destruction, has been selected Artillery who have been selected for the task of history to protect the village and human property. 
There are many who want to destroy the termination of our village, and human life, such as warships controlled by the planet's outer man, equipped with sophisticated weapons. 
Please exterminate them to protect our planet lover. 
Play dropping helicopters, you can challenge to become the best player who has the highest score, or to achieve a high percentage of new voices.


Shoot Down Helicopter android

Requirements: Android 2.2 Or Higher

Just install Apk and Play Game!

Download Shoot Down Helicopter v1.0 Android Apk Game

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